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Poster: laj211 Date: Jan 16, 2006 3:19pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: 720X486 availability?

Many of the films I downloaded were from the Prelinger library, which makes me think I'm doing something incorrectly. I opened the FTP link, chose the file that was largest, typically 250megs to 550megs, and then copied to my HD. When opening and "getting info", however, they are all 320X240. Should I be using some sort of conversion software after downloading?

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Poster: FP Date: Jan 17, 2006 1:46am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: 720X486 availability?

Not necessarily. All the MPEG2 Prelinger films I've seen - and that's quite a few - have been either 480X480 or 720X480. You may want to stick to http downloading with a download manager such as Download Accelerator Pro. That way you'll be certain to click on the correct link to get an MPEG2. Or, you could take careful note of the filename to which an http link points before grabbing it via ftp.